Home At Last

I’m finally back in my office. It was just about two weeks ago that I set out for the Shepherds’ Conference and since then I’ve been on the road pretty well the whole time (I did spend one night here after returning from the conference and before heading out to Atlanta, but my actual time at home was only a few hours). It is good to be home. The house is absolutely freezing since we turned the heat off before we left, but I assume it will warm up sooner or later. As it stands now my hands are so cold I can barely type! I’ve spent the morning answering emails and opening the many (many!) packages of books that arrived in my absence. I have got some serious reading to do.

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Of course I also have lots of serious writing to do. As you know by now, my book is due at the publisher by April 1, so I’ve got less than two weeks to turn it in. Things are progressing pretty well, as far as I can tell. I really don’t have much to go on since I have never written a book before, but I am fairly comfortable with where things stand right now. My main task is to finish the final chapter…and then to finish it again. I am planning on writing two versions of the final chapter for reasons you’ll understand when or if you actually read the book. After that, there is some editing that remains to be done, but nothing too significant. I have sent the book to a list of friends and acquaintances for their comments and have been encouraged by what I’ve heard back from them. As much as I am enjoying the writing process, I’ll be grateful when it is complete.

My next conference is Twin Lakes and it is coming up in three weeks. A question I continue to face as I meet people at these conferences is “So is this what you do? You go from conference to conference?” My answer is “Only for this year.” I am really enjoying these live-blogging opportunities and see it as the chance to meet a lot of people and to see many different ministries in action. Since I had so many opportunities this year I thought I would accept as many as was feasible…but only for this year. As of next year I think I will accept fewer. As much as I enjoy them, I find it difficult to be on the road so much and to be away from my family and my job. I hope to have a lot to reflect on by the end of the conference season. I’m sure I will live-blog more conferences next year, but will try to accept fewer of the opportunities.

And that’s it for me. I have got lots to do to get back into “real life.” I will resume “normal” posting here as of tomorrow. Thanks for your patience!