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Sunday Ramblings

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed more and more girls (and young women) wearings shirts that look suspiciously like lingerie. You may have seen them too. I don’t know much about the world of fashion, so it’s entirely possible that people have been wearing these shirts for years. Perhaps you know the shirts I’m referring to. They have very thin straps and generally have the little plastic loops and things that are usually found on bras. The top of the shirt has lace and it extends only just to the belt line, so that if the woman moves her arms, it lifts to expose her stomach and lower back. I guess these aren’t a whole lot different from a standard tank-top shirt, except that they are obviously designed to look like lingerie. So what’s with these things? Any why would anyone wear them to church?

And while we’re on the subject of exposed stomachs and backs, what’s with those lower back tattoos? When women have a black tribal pattern tattooed on their lower back, do they not realize that in fifteen or twenty years it will be faded, stretched and distorted? Do they not realize how silly they will look in a decade or two?

I think I’ll quit ranting about fashion now. Don’t get me started on navel rings.

Switching topics, two days into the transition I’m still thrilled with Movabletype 3.2. I’ll post a bit more about the software later in the week. I have to say, though, that the Six Apart development team did some good work with the new version of the software. The independent developers who work so hard on plugins have been putting in overtime to add other great functionality.

And that’s all the time I’ve got for today. The son of some good friends is getting baptized a few minutes from now, so we have to drive across town and go down to the river. There is probably only one more outdoor baptism this year before the approaching cold weather forces us indoors!

God bless you this Lord’s Day.

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