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Sunday Ramblings

I’m so tired today I can barely think. And I’m not quite sure why. Thankfully it’s a Sunday afternoon – a time perfectly constructed for naps. So as soon as I hit the Post button I’m going to turn on the ball game, settle on the couch with a Coke (actually, a Diet Coke with Lime) and have a snooze.

I may be tired because yesterday I helped clean someone else’s house. And it was the messiest house I’ve ever seen. Think of the worst mess you’ve ever seen inside a house, mutiply it a few times, and that’s what we were dealing with. We’re talking about a house in which we felt the need (not merely the desire) to wear masks just to go inside the place. Anyways, I spent most of the day cleaning and lifting heavy things and it took a lot out of me.

And while I’m rambling on, I thought I’d tell you that my sister now has a blog. That’s right. My younger sister Susanna has begun blogging at Letter’ Rip. She is a very capable writer (much better than I am, I should think) and I hope she keeps on blogging. She began months ago, posted a couple of times and then forgot about it. But she has picked it up again and ensures me she intends to stick with it this time. She’s got a good article about my Aunt Nancy, whom I wrote about a couple of months ago.

A friend of mine from across the pond has also begun blogging. Andrew spent a couple of years living in Canada before deciding to head back to his native land far across the ocean.

And before I close and head for the sofa, Phil Johnson has promised more BlogSpotting posts as the week goes on. Merely by finding some witty way of talking about him or his site or one of his posts, you can get a link from his site that is sure to pay off with some visitors. So find a way of posting a meaingless and gratuitous link to his site, and I’m sure he’ll give you a shout-out. Prizes go to the person who does the most shameless job of begging a BlogSpotting link.

That’s all you’re getting out of me. I’m so tired I’m just about drooling on the keyboard. It’s time for me to go catch some z’s. Enjoy the rest of your Lord’s Day!

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