A Question About Resources

Over the past few weeks (since I submitted the first draft of my book and got that elephant off my back!) I have been trying to spend a little bit more time with the blog. One of the ways this has manifested itself is with articles that draw attention to outside resources–book series, resources dealing with a particular topic, and news related to this site. In other words, posts like these ones:

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I guess these are largely items that fall somewhere between normal blog posts and A La Carte. I have committed to not replacing more significant blog fare in favor of these things (still trying to write at least one significant post per day) so have largely been posting these in the afternoons.

And having written quite a few of them now, I am eager for your feedback. Are these things you enjoy? On the one hand I do not want to clutter your lives (or this blog) with unnecessary information and resources that are of no interest. On the other hand, there are some amazing resources out there and I am eager to find ways of letting you know about them. Many of these things deserve to be more widely known!

So what say you? Provided that the blog does not become nothing but such posts, are you happy enough to see them in the afternoons?