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Cyber Monday 2018 Deals for Christians

Cyber Monday Deals for Christians

Every year, more and more retailers participate in Cyber Monday. And, as you can see below, many Christian companies have joined in. Here you’ll find a list of Cyber Monday deals that may be of particular interest to Christians.


Accordance has 30% off everything as well as some even deeper cuts on certain products.


Amazon has plenty of deals, of course. There is a long list of Christian Kindle deals and general market Kindle deals that are worth looking at. Some Kindle devices are also on sale. Then, of course, items across just about every other category can also be found on sale.

Banner of Truth is having its annual Christmas sale, with four special items on sale for Cyber Monday: a new series, a classic Puritan set, and some translated sermons by Calvin.


CBD has a huge collection of stuff on sale, including a lot of ESV Bibles. If you spend a while scrolling and clicking, you’ll find some good book deals as well.

Christian Audio

Christian Audio has audiobook bundles on sale today. They’ve got The Lord of the Rings, C.S. Lewis’s space trilogy, Piper books, etc.


Circle, the excellent device designed to protect and monitor your family online (which my family has used for several years now) is offering their best discount ever at $50 off. It’s available from Amazon or directly from Circle.

Cruciform Press

Cruciform Press has 30% off everything with coupon code 30please.

The Good Book Company

The Good Book Company has many of their best books discounted.


Lifeway has plenty of deals to browse through.

Ligonier Ministries

Ligonier Ministries has over 60 resources on sale for up to 60% off. Also, they have an offer where if you purchase one gift subscription of Tabletalk magazine, you’ll get the rest half off.


Logos has some solid deals including:

Missional Wear

Missional Wear is doing their final site-wide sale of the year for 1-day only. Everything is 15% off and select items are up to 25% off with sale code CYBERMONDAY15.

Moody Publishers

Moody Publishers has discounted all their books by 50%.

New Growth Press

New Growth Press has 50% off everything with code CYBER50.

Olive Tree

Olive Tree is offering some solid discounts of up to 80% off.


P&R has a selection of books priced between $2 and $7.

Shepherd Press

Shepherd Press is offering 25% off all orders.

Visual Theology

At Visual Theology you’ll find a significant discount on subscriptions.

Westminster Books

Westminster Books has their ESVs on sale at 50% off. The ESV Study Bible in hardcover is 58% off!

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