My Top Book Reviews of All-Time

It’s a question I’m asked often: What are the top book reviews you’ve written? I take that to mean this: Which of the reviews you’ve written have been read the most? I suppose it’s not surprising that the most popular book reviews are all for books I disagreed with in various ways. Here’s the top-five.

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The Shack by Paul Young. I guess this shouldn’t be any great surprise since The Shack is one of the bestselling Christian books of all-time. Paul Young’s novel certainly got a lot of people asking questions and wondering what he meant to teach us about the Trinity, about the meaning of Christ’s death and resurrection, and so on. I wrote about the book few times, including my initial lengthy review and a few follow-ups over the years.

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. It’s interesting to me that Sarah Young’s book, even while selling so many millions of copies, did not spawn a thousand imitators. At least, none that have made much of an impact in sales. Usually a bestseller like this would usher in a whole new genre, but it seems Young maintains almost total domination in the “Jesus speaks to me” genre.

Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo. Though this wasn’t the first book in the heaven tourism genre, I believe it sold the most copies.

90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper. Don Piper has the ignominious distinction of being the one who began the heaven tourism genre with his 90 Minutes in Heaven. Though he’s written several follow-ups, none have gotten close to matching its sales.

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. This is, by far, the newest addition to the list. It exploded onto the scene as one of 2018’s bestselling non-fiction book (and not just Christian non-fiction bestselling book–it outsold almost everything in the mainstream).