Getting the Most Out of Logos: A Webinar

I have long been a committed user of Logos Bible software. Living in a small house but needing access to a substantial library, it has proven an ideal solution for commentaries, reference books, and other theological works. And because I spend a fair bit of time on the road, I find it very convenient to have my library with me no matter where I go. Suffice it to say I am all-in with Logos.

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Yet as I have interacted with other Christians, I have found that, while many people have purchased Logos, far fewer have confidence that they are using it well. It is, after all, a complex piece of software that can perform a great many advanced tasks.

On November 7 at 6 PM EST, I will be hosting a webinar meant to help you better understand Logos’ basic functions (and be joined by Jon Haley, Logos’ National Presenter). I want you to be confident that you understand how the software works and that you are familiar with the tools that will help you with your personal devotions, Bible study, or sermon preparation. I will show you how I dive into a text as I prepare to teach it, preach it, or write about. I think you will find that it enhances your confidence and benefits your studies.

This webinar is meant for people who already use the software but don’t have confidence they are using it well; it is also meant for people who have been considering moving to Logos and are interested in seeing how it might work for their purposes.

There is no cost, no risk, and no high-pressure sales. There will be discounts available for those who may wish to purchase or upgrade.

We’d ask you to simply register here so we know how many people will be attending and so we can send you a reminder before it begins.