New & Notable Books

I am in the unique and enjoyable position of receiving copies of most of the latest and greatest Christian books and I like to provide regular roundups of some of the best and brightest of the bunch. Of all the books I have received recently, here are the ones that appear most noteworthy.

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King in His BeautyThe King In His Beauty by Tom Schreiner. This is a biblical theology of the Old and New Testaments and exactly the kind of book I want to read but rarely do. If I am ever to get through it, I will need to discipline myself to do so! Here is the way the publisher describes it. “Thomas Schreiner, a respected scholar and a trusted voice for many students and pastors, offers a substantial and accessibly written overview of the whole Bible. He traces the storyline of the scriptures from the standpoint of biblical theology, examining the overarching message that is conveyed throughout. Schreiner emphasizes three interrelated and unified themes that stand out in the biblical narrative: God as Lord, human beings as those who are made in God’s image, and the land or place in which God’s rule is exercised. The goal of God’s kingdom is to see the king in his beauty and to be enraptured in his glory.” (Learn more or buy it at Amazon or Westminster Books)

Philippians by Dennis Johnson. I’m always excited when P&R releases a new volume in the Reformed Expository Commentary series. This one comes endorsed by Robert Gundry, Moises Silva (himself the author of an excellent volume on Paul’s epistle) and Bryan Chapell. Chappel writes, “Dennis Johnson’s Philippians is a treasured contribution to P&R’s Reformed Expository Commentary series. Not only does Johnson’s experience as a preacher and teacher of preachers make these messages wonderful models of exposition, but also his expertise in biblical theology permeates every page. The Christ-centered focus is beautifully and powerfully interwoven throughout.” (Learn more or buy it at Amazon or Westminster Books)

End of Our ExploringThe End of Our Exploring by Matthew Lee Anderson. This looks like a unique book! Matthew Lee Anderson has written a book about questions. It comes with a long list of endorsements and this description: “Do we know what it means to question well? We need not fear questions, but by the grace of God, we have the safety and security to rush headlong into them and find ourselves better for it on the other side. Faith isn’t the sort of thing that will endure as long as our eyes are closed. The opposite, in fact: Faith helps us see, and that means not shrinking from the ambiguities and the difficulties that provoke our most profound questions. In our embrace of questioning, we must learn to question well. In our uncertainty, we must not give up the task of walking worthy of the calling that Christ has placed upon us. For we have not yet reached the end of our exploring.” (Learn more or buy it at Amazon)

The Faith Shaped Life by Ian Hamilton. This is a new one from Banner of Truth. “The Christian life is a faith-shaped life. Faith is the instrument that unites us to Christ, but it is also the reality that shapes show we live in union with Christ. From beginning to end the Christian lives by faith. The life of faith is not easy. The Christian is engaged in an unrelenting warfare with the world, the flesh and the devil. Every step forward will be contested. The one thing that wiil keep the believer on track and pressing on is moment by moment trust in God, in his word, in the goodness and perfection of his purposes, and in his exceedingly great and precious promises. ‘This is the victory that has overcome the world – our faith’ (1 John 5:4).” (Learn more or buy it at Amazon or Westminster Books)

Comforting HeartsComforting Hearts, Teaching Minds by Starr Meade. Starr Meade has authored a long list of books, but I don’t know that any of them have interested me more than this one. “Starr Meade enables families with school-age children to participate in satisfying devotions together by taking them through The Heidelberg Catechism explaining its answers in short devotional readings accompanied by relevant Bible passages.” When I was a child I had to memorize most of the Heidelberg Catechism and even today am so grateful that I did so. This looks like a great resource to better learn and understand the Catechism. (Learn more or buy it at Amazon or Westminster Books)

And how about you? Are there some new and notable books that you’ve added to your reading list? Is there anything I’m missing?