The Holy Sexuality Project

I’m sure it has always been difficult for parents to speak with their children about matters related to sex and sexuality. I’m not just talking about the birds and the bees, but about the wider issues that may be unique to every time and culture. I expect parents in the New Testament era needed to consider how they would speak to their children about pederasty, concubinage, temple prostitution, and many other societal perversions.

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So while there is nothing unique about today’s parents needing to discuss sex and sexuality with their children, there is something unique about the particular issues. There are entire categories that are unfamiliar, novel, and just plain made up. And even among Christians there may be debates about what’s right and what’s wrong. Is it sinful to experience same-sex attraction or only sinful to act on it? Does it matter how a person identifies as long as they don’t actually embrace a forbidden lifestyle? What is gender dysphoria and how should we guide people who experience it? Many of these questions would have been considered absurd when today’s parents were growing up. But now they are having to address them in order to equip their children to live in this world.

With so many issues to consider, with so many of them being new, and with so much at stake, parents would benefit from some guidance. And it has come in The Holy Sexuality Project, a new video curriculum by Christopher Yuan.

I have told Christopher’s story before in a series I titled “Christian Men and Their Godly Moms.” The short version, which he recounts in the opening lesson of this series, is that in his younger days he was agnostic and proudly living a homosexual lifestyle. His mother determined she would pray him into the Kingdom and, through a series of events that included arrest, imprisonment, and a diagnosis of HIV, he came to Christ and committed himself to the Lord’s cause. He has since co-written a book with his mother (Out of a Far Country) that tells his story and a written a second book on God’s design for sexuality (Holy Sexuality and the Gospel). The Holy Sexuality Project is a natural follow-up.

The series is comprised of 12 lessons, each of which is in the neighborhood of 20 minutes long. He begins by telling his story and then progresses to matters of identity, attraction, and action. In these lessons, he discusses the image of God, the doctrine of sin, and the nature of desire and temptation. He explains why God created sex and how he means for us to use this gift. From here he considers marriage and singleness. With this in place, he moves to the issues that are most pertinent today—same-sex attraction, homosexuality, transgenderism, and so on. He examines the Bible passages opponents of Christianity use to refute long-accepted sexual morality. In the final set of lessons, he considers how to minister to those who struggle with their sexuality and calls on Christians to be willing to simply follow Jesus, no matter the cost. All of this is filmed and edited with extremely high production values, making it a package that is easy and enjoyable to watch. There’s a guide for parents to help them as they lead their teens in discussions related to the lessons.

Of great importance is the fact that Christopher discusses each of these things in a manner that is plain but not explicit. While he needs to include some details about his own story, he never crosses boundaries and never revels in his past (as, sadly, some Christians seem to do). This curriculum is designed specifically for parents and teens, and families can watch it together without cringing and without it being awkward. It is tremendous value at just $20.

I was able to watch the series before it launched and was glad to write this little endorsement: I am so thankful for The Holy Sexuality Project! It addresses many of today’s most urgent issues on matters of sex and sexuality and does so in a way that is deeply grounded in the Bible’s timeless truths. The material is presented in a sober and dignified way that makes it appropriate for Christian families or church groups. Dr. Christopher Yuan is just the right person to speak on this subject and this series is in just the right format. It would be difficult to recommend it too highly.