Top Articles of 2011 (So Far)

A couple of times a year I like to browse through the statistics software that lies behind this site to see which articles have been read the most. Here, in case you’d like to catch up a little bit, are the top ten articles from 2011 (from January through to June 30):

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#105 Questions With John MacArthur – Part 2 of an interview I did with John MacArthur.

#9Letting Herself Go – This was an article I wrote to interact with an always-difficult topic. It gained quite a lot of traction and was much improved upon.

#8The New Evangelical Virtues – A reaction to Rob Bell’s book and some of the areas of concern it highlighted within the evangelical world.

#7Why John Piper Should Not Have Invited Rick Warren – I wanted to reflect on why I thought it was unwise for John Piper to invite Rick Warren. This was actually published last year.

#6Book Review – 90 Minutes in Heaven – An old review of a book that keeps being read.

#5Thinking About Rick Warren and John Piper – This was a reflection that followed John Piper’s interview with Rick Warren.

#4Facebook Makes Us Miserable – I was surprised to see this one gaining so much attention. But I think it’s true–in many ways Facebook does make us miserable.

#3A Review of The Shack – There’s another book that just keeps flying off store shelves.

#2Heaven Is For Real – I really disliked this book. Apparently lots of people were eager to know what it is all about.

#1Love Wins – A Review of Rob Bell’s New Book – No big surprise here. Rob Bell’s Love Wins was a huge topic of conversation in the church and across social media. This review got close to 100,000 reads on just the first day.