Upgraded (Trackback Me!)

I just finished upgrading to Movabletype 3.2. I’ve been looking forward to this version of the software as it allows some important new functionality. At the top of the list is trackback moderation, a feature that was sorely needed. It allows me to restore the list of trackbacks to the sidebar (a feature that I quite like but had to disable because of all the trackback spam I receive). The new Movabletype also allows some new plugins that I quite like.

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Here are a couple of the issues that have been overlooked that are sorely needed:

  • WYSIWYG interface. Or something beyond only the bold, italic, underline offered now.
  • Media Management. I upload graphics all the time but MT offers absolutely no way of managing these after they have been uploaded.
  • Future Publishing. As far as I know this has not been adequately addressed. Amazingly enough there is still no way of changing the publication date of an unpublished post to “now.” Thankfully there is a plugin that addresses this.

Anyways, that is the new MT.

As part of my testing I’d love it if you could send me a trackback from your blog. I want to test out the new trackback spam filtering capabilities. So please, ping me!