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3 Perks of Being a Christian Business Owner

This week the blog is sponsored by Strider, a Christian-owned online marketing agency. This post is written by Strider’s founder and president, Ryan Freeman. Contact Strider to learn more about growing your business online.

At first glance, the idea notion of being a Christian and owning a business might not seem that appealing. Society and government seem to be making this more challenging, and it doesn’t take much to get on the wrong side of a social media storm. So why would any Christian want to put themselves in a position with this much responsibility and risk?

Based on my experience in a multi-generational family business, and as the founder of my own business, here are three reasons why I think it’s great to be a Christian business owner.

Work is our witness

Whether your business serves a distinctly kingdom-focused goal, like helping the poor or protecting the unborn, or whether you have an SEO agency and make great websites, you can be distinctly Christian in your leadership and work.

Being at the top of the food chain (even a very small chain!) gives you the chance to set the tone for the entire company. Christian leadership can be a powerful witness to unsaved employees, too.

How you deal with business and community contacts can dramatically set you apart from the world around you. The quality that you require of your team, the way you value their contributions, honest dealings in every circumstance – there are so many ways you can show that your loyalty is aimed higher than mere financial gain. When a customer wants to “just do it for cash,” or a client expects you to dodge regulations, you can point to scripture and conscience to display your integrity.

I can’t even count the number of chances I’ve had to witness to colleagues, business associates, and baseball families merely because owning Strider has created opportunities to connect and serve.

As my friend Raffi says, “Modelling Christ is good for business.” When, through your business, you treat people as you want to be treated, demonstrating good character and valuing their time and resources, people tend to become loyal customers.

Testimony of faithfulness

Along with the pressures of business ownership comes the fantastic experience of truly trusting God for all things. I’ve spent many mornings pre-email triage praying at length for new clients, conference sponsors, success for existing clients, and for a few more new clients.

Every Brother and Sister I know who runs a business has a long list of examples of how God is always faithful to provide according to His good will. It’s more of a Proverb than a promise, but being willing to work consistently and faithfully while relying on God usually leads to more work and many occasions for praise.

Opportunities to bless others

This is perhaps my favorite perk of all! As we work at doing all things to God’s glory, conducting business with honor and integrity, if God chooses to bring fruit from our efforts, we will have resources and means to use to bless others. Over the years Strider has been afforded the opportunity to donate websites and marketing services for churches and ministries, sports leagues, fundraising, Christian schools, and several young entrepreneurs … and all to the glory of God, by His provision.

Our family business was able to employ dozens of people from church who needed work, and I hope to do this more and more should the Lord prosper Strider in the years to come.

Our God has called us to be stewards, and for some of us, that means stewarding a business with all the responsibility, risk, joy, and reward that comes with that. Whether you’re a photographer who captures and discusses the beauty of God’s creation, a globetrotting blogger, a painter invited into people’s homes, or providing any of a thousand other necessary services, God will give you plenty of opportunities to test your faith and testify to the world of His goodness while working to grow the business He has given you.

And if, by any chance, you want to work with a Christian-owned online marketing agency to grow your business, check out Strider or book a call with me. Let’s share some stories of God’s faithfulness to business owners who trust in Him.

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