A Large Need for Small Congregations

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This sponsored post was prepared by Matt Heerema of MereChurch.

Without question, over the last decade the Internet has become the most important tool for communication within a community and to the world at large. Web sites, social media, effective use of email, and other such tools are a vital part of a church’s outreach. But this large need seems out of reach for small congregations.

Over the years I have spoken with members, deacons, and pastors at many of these small congregations who have expressed frustration with their inability to effectively communicate with their congregation and surrounding community with this tool.

Cost, expertise, and time never seem to be in the right balance in these small, faithful fellowships.

This is why I created MereChurch

My goal with MereChurch is to provide a cost-effective solution that empowers your church with all the right tools needed for an effective Web presence, at a fraction of the cost normally associated with engaging a professional designer or agency, while still engaging a professional agency

Several free tools exist that allow a small church to “DIY” a Web site. But no tool exists that replaces the need for expert advice on tactics and best practices.

Let us provide you with the best-in-class tools, on the best platform, to provide you with a high performance, secure, worry-free Web site, that is created with the help of expert advice.

I am a co-pastor at a very average local church (~300 in attendance), so I understand the economic realities and needs of a small congregation. My team and I have also done work for mega-churches and international ministries, so we understand the technical challenges and needs of ministry at every scale. 

We are an expert team who have handled many world-class projects. And we can work with you at a budget that is feasible for a small congregation. 

Let MereChurch build your new church website

Thank you for the opportunity.

—Matt Heerema
Pastor, Web Consultant, Musician, Husband, and Father of 4.