Behold Your God: Rethinking God Biblically

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Are we sure that the God we serve is the God described in Scripture? Is rethinking Him biblically really necessary? How do we do it? How would it affect our views of Christ, the gospel, holiness, worship, evangelism, service, and revival?

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Behold Your God: Rethinking God Biblically, led by Dr. John Snyder, is a 12-week multimedia study that focuses on God’s self-revelation in the Bible, helping the believer to apply the descriptions of God to all of life.

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Behold Your GodThe Behold Your God study is centered around a twelve-week workbook and is designed to be used in conjunction with the 13 DVD lessons. Each week the student will work through the workbook (five days per week) in preparation for watching the DVD. Behold Your God can be used as an individual, family, group, or church-wide study.

Each week’s DVD is made up of three segments. The historical introduction is a short biographical sketch of the life of a significant figure from Christian history whose ministry illustrates the truths that you have been studying that week. These were all filmed on location in Wales, England, Scotland, and North America. They include A. W. Tozer (Chicago, IL), Timothy Dwight (Yale University), George Muller (Bristol, England), Samuel Rutherford (Anwoth, Scotland), George Whitefield (Newburyport, MA), Robert Murray M’Cheyne (Dundee, Scotland), Charles Spurgeon (London, England), Daniel Rowland (Llangeitho, Wales), Amy Carmichael (Keswick, England), Charles Finney (Anytown, USA) D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (London, England), and Jonathan Edwards (New Haven, CT).

Behold Your God
After the introduction, a sermon from Dr. Snyder reinforces what you have been studying in the Bible that week. Finally, you will be able to listen to highlights from interviews with contemporary ministers whose lives and labors reflect these same truths. These include Paul Washer, Richard Owen Roberts, Jordan Thomas, Anthony Mathenia, Dr. Eifion Evans, Andrew Davies, and Conrad Mbewe. Comments from men whose gospel labors range from Peru, Ethiopia, Virginia, and Memphis to New Zealand, England, Wales, Ireland, and Zambia help to show that these are eternal truths about an eternal God who is not altered by any temporal or geographical context. 

Behold Your God
Many in our day are tired and disillusioned because they have consistently hoped in the next new idea. It is just this kind of day that makes Christians stop running on their religious hamster-wheels and ask “Why are we doing these programs?” and “Why doesn’t God ever really seem to show up and effectively work in our churches?” Hard questions often lead to right answers. This study is written with the conviction that our fundamental need in Western Christianity is to repent of our low and unworthy views of God, to return to the biblical descriptions of the true God, and to risk it all in order to live upon Who He is. Nothing in this study is new truth. The devotions and exercises in the workbook, and the intros, sermons, and interviews in the videos are meant only to help the reader to take the biblical descriptions of God seriously and to see how they form the foundation of Christian living.

The entire first week of the Behold Your God study is available to view and download for free at For a much broader introduction to the study, download and read the Introduction to the Workbook here

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