Film Investigating One of The Greatest Biblical Miracles

This week the blog is sponsored by Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle, which is in theatres tomorrow- Tuesday 2/18/20!

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Why is the historicity of the Exodus so important? It is nothing less than how God chose to reveal himself and his word to the world. Undermine its occurrence in time and space and you undermine the Bible as God’s revealed word.

Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle, is the first in a new two-part film series by Patterns of Evidence’s award-winning filmmaker, Timothy Mahoney. In this investigation he examines the journey to the crossing location, looking at two competing views of the Red Sea Miracle. One he calls the “Egyptian Approach,” which looks near Egypt. The other he calls the “Hebrew Approach,” which looks far from Egypt to the Gulf of Aqaba where divers have been searching for the remains of Pharaoh’s army on the seafloor. The investigation raises giant questions about the real location for the crossing site and its implications on your view of God. The answers to these questions point to one of two very different realities.

Join Timothy Mahoney as he retraces the steps of Moses and the Israelites, looking for answers. As he investigates the possible locations he interviews top-level secular and biblical scholars in search for clues that support the Bible’s timeline for this pivotal event in history. Now, see the evidence as the Bible comes alive with dramatic recreations, 3D animations and never seen before footage.

Patterns of Evidence makes a deep, understandable, plausible, and convincing case for the biblical account. The feature presentation will be followed by a thought-provoking panel discussion.

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