In a Changing World, Our Commitment to Truth Remains Unchanged

This week the blog is sponsored by The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and written by R. Albert Mohler, Jr., President, SBTS.

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We live in an age rightly described as “post-truth.” It is now fashionable to speak of “truth” as a socially constructed sentiment or emotion. A form of relativism infects our society, surrounding us with millions of people who fail to realize they are moral relativists. At a time when truth is more threatened than ever, we will soon discover which Christian institutions will crumble and which will take a stand.  

In John 17:17, Jesus, in his famous High Priestly Prayer, asks his Father, “Sanctify them in your truth; your Word is truth.” Christ prayed that the Word of God would purify his Church — that the inerrant and infallible Scriptures would make the people of God a holy people. That purpose is our calling, and it is the starting place for all theological education. At The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, we are called to the faithful stewardship of that truth once for all delivered to the saints.

At a time when other seminaries and institutions attempt to offer as little, they can in order to get the job done most quickly, Southern Seminary remains determined to do it most faithfully. More than anything else, we want Southern Seminary to be trusted for the task of preparing men and women for a lifetime of gospel ministry in the midst of an increasingly hostile world. 

We pray that Southern Seminary will be trusted, both in this generation and in generations to come. Truth is how God sanctifies Christ’s church. It is only through truth that the gospel is preached and taught, and consequently believed and heard. If we are trusted for anything, may all those living know that this seminary is determined to be Trusted for Truth.