Peanut Butter Armpits and a Lost Generation

This week the blog is sponsored by Road Trip to Truth, a new youth group curriculum that features Nathan Busenitz, Mike Riccardi, Shai Linne, and others. Use promo code Tim to get 15% off!

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Go ahead, I dare you: Go to the YouTube machine and search for “peanut butter youth groups.” Or maybe don’t, because you will find multiple videos of (supposed) adults playing gross-out games with youth groups that involve one student putting peanut butter in his armpits while another student licks it out. Not kidding.

If you aren’t disgusted already, search for: “youth group coke sock swig.” This gross-out game involves two or more students removing one of their socks, putting a can of Coke in it, exchanging their Coke-filled sock with another student…then being coerced into drinking it. #notmakingthisup

Is it any wonder our Evangelical youth are projected to “leave the faith” to the tune thirty-five million by the year 2050*? We do things to our kids that would rightly get a public school teacher fired or put in jail. Then we are shocked when they run off to university and an erudite professor treats them with respect, pumps them full of secular humanistic bilge, and they deny the faith.

Enough already.

Please take a moment to watch this clip from a brand-new Evangelical youth group curriculum, Road Trip to Truth. Finally, a student resource that respectfully and intelligently engages teenagers with the issues that will assault and devour them when they begin JUNIOR HIGH: origins, postmodernism, morality, objections to Christianity, and truth itself.

It’s time to put an end to Evangelical youth group nonsense and fight for the souls of our kids. Please consider teaching Road Trip to Truth to your youth group. The two DVD set and one-hundred-page study guide will walk you through thirteen lessons that incorporate Road Trip to Truth into each lesson. You will be shocked at what you hear from your students.

Let’s stop treating our kids like knuckleheads and start equipping them to defend the Christian faith. You have my word on it, your kids will love Road Trip to Truth more than peanut butter eaten out of an armpit.

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*Pinetops Foundation and the Veritas Forum’s 130 page report, “The Great Opportunity.”