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Reformed Baptist Seminary is a church-based ministerial academy that provides a full theological curriculum as either a Master of Divinity or Bachelor of Divinity degree. It also offers streamlined 32 and 24-credit degrees, diplomas, and certificate programs. Our entire program can be completed via online learning as well as through our modular format live classes.

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Here is an excerpt from a recent lecture Dr. Tom Ascol delivered as a part of our Pastoral Theology class:

As a means of saying thank you to the churches and individuals who have supported us, and to be a blessing to the kingdom at large, we have made this entire pastoral theology course available free online. Simply click here to access these videos.

We are excited about our upcoming class on the Doctrine of the Church which will be taught by Greg Nichols. Please click the banner if you would like to consider attending as either a student or an auditor:

The following links will help you learn more about enrolling in one of our degree programs and assist you if you would like to receive updates about module class offerings, seminary news, and free resources: