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Next week most people in the USA will celebrate by eating turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes and squash, pumpkin pie and cylinders of cranberry goodness. We all have much to be thankful for. Which is why we are announcing a special holiday challenge that will give back to those in need, when we have plenty. From Thanksgiving Day until New Year’s Day, we are asking everyone we know to team up with the good folks over at Rice Bowls to feed children in 52 orphanages across the globe. But we are not only asking, we are going to reward the biggest giver with a big gift!

Our hope is that more than 1,000 churches and gospel ministries will partner with Rice Bowls during this holiday season. To help motivate the givers, we are giving away a FREE Church Plant Media website (valued at $1,000 one time + $50/month) to the church or gospel ministry that sponsors the most meals between Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day.

If you don’t need a new website, then the FREE website will be yours to give away in January!

Will you take the Red Bowl Challenge?

  1. Fill out the form to order 1 red bowl for your church or gospel ministry.
  2. Fill the bowl – inspire everyone to donate between Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day.
  3. Send the funds to Rice Bowls by Friday, January 6th and feed some kids!
  4. The biggest giver will be given a FREE Church Plant Media website in January.

Who can win the free website?

Any gospel-loving church or ministry in the USA that provides the most meals can win. This challenge is designed for congregations and para-church ministries to pool their resources and feed children. The only stipulation that we have in order to win the free website is that participants affirm our Gospel Agreement.

How many meals will be given to orphans?

With the help of over 50 Christian orphanage partners across the globe, Rice Bowls is able to provide 4 meals for every US dollar. That means you can provide 250 meals for the price as a 16-pound Turkey. We’re not saying don’t eat the bird… but we would love your help in feeding the children too!

Why is it an awesome time to give now?

The holidays are a great time to celebrate and give thanks for all that the Lord has done for us. That’s why we have teamed up with Rice Bowls to challenge churches and ministries to take part. In fact, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, Church Plant Media has committed to give a percentage of every website sale, directly to the Red Bowl Challenge. If we all work together, we can do something amazing for orphaned children around the world in the name of Christ.

When will Church Plant Media announce the winner of the website?

We will announce the final meal total along with the website winner on this blog after the 1st week of January. If you have questions, please call Rice Bowls at 866-312-5791, and ask about the Red Bowl Challenge.

To learn more about the Red Bowl Challenge go to: www.redbowlchallenge.org.