Why I’m Looking Forward to Getty Music Sing! Global

I am one of the breakout session speakers at the Getty Music Sing! Global conference (August 30-September 2), but I also intend to be one of the attendees. It is, after all, an online-only event in which everyone can participate even during this time when travel and mass gatherings are uncertain or even impossible. As I think about the conference, there are a few aspects I’m especially looking forward to. (Register here and use the code CHALLIES to get 20% off.)

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It is an online-first event. I have watched a number of conferences online via their livestreams, but it has always been clear that the event is primarily for those who can attend in person. But because travel is currently difficult and gatherings are limited, Sing! Global is online-first and, in fact, online-only. I’ll be fascinated to see how a conference can be reimagined when it is exclusively an online, streamed event. I expect it will deliver a much better online experience than we have become accustomed to.

It features truly international worship. This year’s Sing! conference was already intended to showcase worship from around the world, but going online has made that component even more possible and even more prominent. Thus there will be worship from individuals, groups, choirs, and ensembles from many different nations. In this way it will be a true representation of God’s global church. (See the list of worship leaders here.)

It features a diverse list of speakers. There can be a sense of sameness in Christian conferences since they so often draw upon a relatively small and static list of speakers. But Sing! Global is featuring a long and extremely diverse group of speakers from across the globe and representing a substantial cross-section of the Christian world. (See the list of speakers here.)

It is a primetime experience. Because of the online-only nature of the event, the great majority of the content can be compressed into the evenings. While the breakout sessions will happen in the mornings, the main teaching and worship sessions will be streamed between 6 PM and 9 PM CST (with additional special content and concerts coming before and after). This allows people like me to work through the day and then enjoy the conference in the evenings. (See the schedule here.)

It will be available for three months. While much of the event will be streamed in real time, all attendees will have access to the content for three months. There are so many breakout sessions that it won’t be possible to watch them all between August 30 and September 2. But we also won’t have to pick just a few, since the ongoing online access will allow us to watch as many as we want in the weeks and months that follow. (Click here and scroll down to the see the breakouts.)

There is still time to register for the event. If you use the code CHALLIES you can get 20% off!

(This has been a sponsored post prepared by me.)