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  • Ask Me Anything

    Social Media and Churches / Are You Addicted to Your Cell Phone?

    At a recent event in Johannesburg, South Africa, I was asked about the relationship of churches and social media, and also asked about cell phone addiction (and information about my experiment in getting rid of my smart phone for a time). In these two videos I give my answers. Transcript What problems can the internet…

  • RCT2: Why Did Christ Die?

    Last week we began reading through John Stott’s classic work The Cross of Christ. The book began by pointing out the centrality of the cross. This week’s reading was chapter 2 which asks and answers an all-important question: Why Did Christ Die? Why Did Christ Die? I enjoyed this chapter not only for what it…

  • Guest Blog: The Crowd Was NOT Fickle!

    Today I am posting something rare–a guest post. This article was written by John Ensor, whom you may know as the author of The Great Work of the Gospel and Doing Things Right in Matters of the Heart. In this article he takes on what he considers a popular Palm Sunday myth. Read it and…

  • The Death of Jesus

    In response to the uproar surrounding The Passion of the Christ I wrote four articles about events that occured during Jesus’ final hours. They are:

  • Articles Collection cover image

    Movie Review: The Passion of the Christ (Part One)

    This is part one of a two part review of the movie The Passion of the Christ. In the first part I am going to give a detailed scene-by-scene synopsis of the film. It will contain plenty of spoilers so if such things bother you, you may want to skip it. However, if you are…