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  • Random Thoughts on Being a Dad

    Random Thoughts on Being a Dad

    Every now and again I jot down a thought that I’d like to ponder but that I don’t intend to tease out into a full article. Over the past few weeks, I have jotted down a series of thoughts on being a dad. I hope there is something here that benefits you or gets you…

  • On Being a Heroic Man

    On Being a Heroic Man

    There is something deep inside a man’s heart that longs to be heroic. I don’t know what little girls dream of, but I do know that little boys dream of carrying those girls out of a burning schoolhouse so they can be admired as strong and brave. Teenaged boys dream of fighting in a war…

  • A Christian Fathers Last Will and Testament

    A Christian Father’s Last Will and Testament

    In the name of God, I, being of sound mind and body, bequeath to my children the small store of wealth and the few possessions I have been able to accumulate over a lifetime of labor. I divide these equally among my children and ask them to accept it all with my blessings—to keep it…

  • Finding My Father

    The Gospel and the Pain of Fatherlessness

    Sometimes one person’s story can stand in for that of millions. Sometimes one person can explain a situation that affects not only themselves but also countless others. Those of us who were blessed to grow up with fathers who were present, active, and engaged may struggle to understand the particular sorrows and challenges that come…

  • Lament for a Father

    Marvin Olasky’s Lament for a Father

    If someone were to ask me, “Should I read Marvin Olasky’s Lament for a Father?,” the answer would be simple: Yes. But if someone were to ask me, “What is Lament for a Father?,” I’m not sure I could as easily answer the question. It is not quite a biography and not quite an autobiography.…

  • A Letter to His Son

    I am excerpting this from the blog Wrestling with an Angel. It is a beautiful bit of writing–one you will want to read in its entirety. Dear Jake, It’s hard to believe that you are 17 years old today. I woke up this morning wondering what happened to that little red headed boy that used…