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  • EPIC Philippines

    EPIC: Philippines

    It was over a year ago that I announced my EPIC round-the-world project in which I’d be travelling to different countries to search for and research church history. Twelve months and 24 countries later, I’ve finally completed my final trip for 2018. Here is some footage from my recent trip to the Philippines. I’m so…

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    A La Carte (10/22)

    Advent Songs For Free(ish)Sojourn’s Advent Songs album is now available on NoiseTrade. You can pay what you want or get it for free by telling five friends about it. There are a some great tracks on the album! What’s the Best Way to Go Bald?I post this link for the benefit of some of my…

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    A La Carte (06/26)

    Monday June 26, 2006 Politics: The Harris brothers have written about Brittany McComb, a valedictorian whose speech was cut off when she committed the egregious sin of mentioning Jesus. Church: The Chicago Tribune reports on a church that has figured out a way of getting visitors through the doors. ” United Pentecostal Church of Harvey…