A La Carte (06/26)

Monday June 26, 2006

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Politics: The Harris brothers have written about Brittany McComb, a valedictorian whose speech was cut off when she committed the egregious sin of mentioning Jesus.

Church: The Chicago Tribune reports on a church that has figured out a way of getting visitors through the doors. ” United Pentecostal Church of Harvey plans to provide the cash [$25] to the first 75 people who visit the church for the first time at each of two services, one at 10 a.m. and another at 1 p.m.”

More Church: Another paper, the Modesto Bee, is reporting that the play “Jesus Christ Superstar” is becoming increasingly popular in Christian circles. Sanctified blasphemy, perhaps?

Culture: Meanwhile, FoxNews reports that “Mannies” are all the rage. Britney Spears is leading yet another celebrity-driven fad: male nannies. Does this strike anyone else as a bad idea?