R.C. Sproul – The Happy Birthday Infographic

Tomorrow marks R.C. Sproul’s 75th birthday, and in honor of his birthday, Josh Byers and I have prepared an infographic about his life and ministry. This is part of a just-for-fun series of infographics we’ve prepared about some of our favorite people: John MacArthur, John Piper and, now, R.C. Sproul. Enjoy it!

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R.C. Sproul Infographic

A couple of years ago I began to share some infographics I titled Visual Theology. Through those infographics, and with the help of some talented graphic designers, I explored some of the great doctrines of the Christian faith: The order of salvation, the attributes of God, the Trinity, Reformed theology, the books of the Bible, and so on. You can see and download the complete list here or even buy them in print format here.




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