John Piper: The Infographic

A couple of years ago I began to share some infographics I titled Visual Theology. Through those infographics, and with the help of some talented graphic designers, I explored some of the great doctrines of the Christian faith: The order of salvation, the attributes of God, the Trinity, Reformed theology, the books of the Bible, and so on. You can see and download the complete list here or even buy them in print format here. [Update: There is now a Visual Theology website.]

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Visual Theology will return to explore more great truths and doctrines. But in the meantime, Josh Byers and I plan to share a few infographics that look to people—people we know and admire. Last week we kicked things off with John MacArthur. Today we continue with John Piper: The Infographic. Piper’s Desiring God Conference for Pastors is beginning today and if you are not attending, you can watch it via livestream. Any guesses who we’ll feature next week, just on time for his 75th birthday?

John Piper Infographic





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