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New and Notable Books – Three-Minute Thursdays #7

New and Notable Books

If you’re a Christian and you love to read, this is a very, very good time to be alive. We’ve got Christian publishers just pouring out new books all the time. So many of them are excellent. Today, in this edition of Three-Minute Thursdays, I’m going to tell you about just six new and notable books that may be of interest to people like you.


If you’re a Christian and you love to read, this is a very, very good time to be alive. We’ve got Christian publishers just pouring out new books all the time. So many of them are excellent. Today in this edition of 3 Minute Thursdays, I’m going to tell you about just six new and notable books that may be of interest to people like you.

So we’ll get three minutes on the clock, and here we go. We’ll start with The Gospel-Shaped Life by Ian Hamilton. This is published by Banner of Truth. Now, there’s no shortage of Gospel dash something book. We’ve got many, many of those today. I think this one’s unique. First, because of who it’s from, Ian Hamilton. He hasn’t written on this subject yet. I’m glad he has. Also, it’s very clear in looking through this book, he has drawn from the deep wells of Protestant theology, Christian theology, to show how the Gospel shapes all of life. This may be a book that’s of interest to you, especially if you haven’t yet read in this kind of genre.

Next up, we’ve got Creation, Evolution and Intelligent Design. This is one of the Four Views On Series. And so contributors are Ken Ham, Hugh Ross, Deborah Haarsma, and Stephen Meyer. They’re representing four different views of our origins, the origins of the earth. We’ve got young earth, old earth, evolutionary creation, and intelligent design. If you’ve not yet oriented yourself in these different perspectives, I think this will be an excellent place to begin as you attempt to understand what the Bible says about where this all came from.

Next up, we’ve got In Search of Ancient Roots from Kenneth Stewart. The subtitle, The Christian Past, and Evangelical Identity Crisis. What’s happening today is, we’re seeing a lot of young Christians especially looking for their roots, looking for their Christian roots. And many of them are then drawn to Catholicism. What Ken Stewart’s trying to do in this book is to show that Protestant’s have deep roots all the way through the history of the church, obviously going back to scripture. If you’re looking for your identity, you don’t have to find it in Catholicism, you can find it within Protestantism.

We’ll move on to The Spurgeon Study Bible. This big new volume has just come in from Holman. This isn’t a traditional study Bible. Rather the notes are drawn from the sermons of Charles Spurgeon. There’s lots of other Spurgeon material in here as well. Some of his illustrations, some of the other things, there’s a little biography of him, but really the heart of this is that the notes come from the sermons of Charles Spurgeon. If you love Spurgeon, and who doesn’t? This will be a resource that will probably be of some interest to you.

We’ll keep moving, with The Pastor’s Bible. This is also from Holman. This is an interesting Bible. It’s meant for pastors, so that means for their study and for preaching. This Bible lies flat, which is a wonderful thing. Another unique feature is that right in the center of the Bible, you’ve got some funeral services and some wedding services. So if you’re a pastor, you’re in a hurry or you’re looking to change things up, freshen things up, there’s some material right there. There’s other material in here as well that’s specifically for pastors. This would be a great gift. Or if you’re a pastor, something you may want for yourself.

Finally, we’ve got The Lost Sermons of C.H.Spurgeon. This is volume two in a multi-volume set. I can’t even tell you how beautiful this volume is. Its got gilded edges, it’s full of full-color illustrations and scans of some of Spurgeon’s very early and until recently, lost sermons. There’s outlines, there’s full sermons. This is a beautiful book for the Spurgeon lover, someone with an interest in history, with an interest in theology. Look it up. This is a beautiful, beautiful volume.

There are six new and notable books. I hope they’re of interest to you. Stick around, I’ll do another round up soon.

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