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A La Carte (10/26)

On the Life & Death of a Child - Bobby Gilles: “Our baby Parker was born and died on Sunday, October 21 around 5:30pm. Until the moment his heart stopped, every medical test throughout Kristen’s 42 weeks of pregnancy had shown him to be a healthy, strong, growing baby. And then, for some reason we don’t fully understand, God took him.”

An Unbalanced Transparency - I can really relate to what Elisha writes in this post. For some of us it is humble to discuss our own failings but proud to talk about where we’ve seen the Lord’s grace. It shouldn’t be that way!

Every Pastor Is a Translator - This is a very helpful reflection: “With my first Sunday off, I decided to visit Grace Community Church to hear Dr. John MacArthur, Jr. I would often attend the Sunday evening service at Grace. … That morning, Dr. MacArthur was preaching about the family. The conclusions he drew from the scriptures affirmed convictions I already held. However, for some reason, I became angry as I listened to the message. I felt that Dr. MacArthur, whom I had (have) never met, was being harsh, insensitive, and uncaring.”

Struggles and Hopes of a Disabled Dad - Dave Furman writes about being a disabled dad. “Ten years ago I never would have dreamed that I would have a physical disability. But God knew the beautiful design he had for me and for the spread of his gospel would involve taking away the strength of my hands.”

Joel Beeke on Propaganda - Joel Beeke wades into the discussion about the Puritans and their view on slavery. As an expert on the Puritans he brings a lot of authority; as a pastor he brings a lot of compassion.

The Mourdock Moment - Al Mohler brings clarity to the discussion of aborting a baby conceived by rape.

When the law of God is written in our hearts, our duty will be our delight. —Matthew Henry

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