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A La Carte (10/3)

Hospitality and the Great Commission - “You know what the key to evangelism in the 21st-century will be, don’t you?’ He wasn’t talking Global South, but the Western hemisphere — and America in particular. I’m sure he could see on our faces how eager we were for his answer. Wow, the key, we were thinking. This is huge. He paused and smiled that memorable Steve Childers world-evangelism grin. He waited. Still waiting. Still paused. Still nothing. Hold it … hold it. I was almost ready to burst with, ‘Just c’mon already!’ Finally he lifted the curtain.”

Thanksgiving: It’s Not Trivial - “ ‘Count your blessings.’ ‘Put a smile on your dial.’ ‘Raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens.’ Thanksgiving has always seemed a bit trivial to me, a Hallmark greeting card sentiment next to the lyric poetry of praise.”

TGC Job Board - The Gospel Coalition has begun a job board where churches and ministries can post their job openings. “For years, we’ve fielded requests for The Gospel Coalition to use our website to help these pastors learn about openings in churches where they’ll find a good fit. Likewise, our staff often hear from pastors in churches looking to hire someone who shares the values laid out in TGC’s confessional statement and theological vision for ministry.”

Book Proposals - Barnabas explains what it takes to put together a standout book proposal that will catch the eye of a publisher.

The Finest Young Sportswriter - Owen Strachan has an interview with the finest young sportswriter in America.

Mobile Tech and the Brain - This writer shows how mobile technologies can either enhance or degrade our minds. “Just because all of this marvelous technology exists does not mean that we have to use it all at the same time. We are not slaves to it, obliged to respond whenever it calls.”

Unaccompanied by the power of the Holy Spirit, the Bible is inactive, inoperative; a mere dead letter! —Octavius Winslow

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