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A La Carte (11/8)

I used to be a bit obsessed with the NFL. Sundays were a day for church…but also a day to take in 2 or 3 football games. Then one day I got rid of cable (at least in part because it meant I couldn’t watch football). It surprised me how quickly I stopped caring about football. This morning I visited NFL.com to check out yesterday’s games, spent about 2 minutes clicking around, got bored and found something else to do. I find that I kind of miss football—the experience of following teams and players over the course of a season—more than I miss the games themselves.

Tabernacles, Trellises and Thunderstorms - This is an interesting reflection from Daniel Bartsch who recently served as a tour guide through a full-scale reproducation of the Old Testament tabernacle.

The Season that Was - I was thinking yesterday about the Blue Jays’ season that was. Here are three great highlights: the prettiest play, the most memorable debut, the most dominant game.

Life and Death of a $1 Bill - This infographic teaches you more than you’ve ever wanted to know about the $1 bill. It also addresses that rumor that there are traces of cocaine on just about every bill.

Pocket-Sized Stories - Here’s an interesting premise for a blog. A kindergarten teacher finds that every day he ends up sticking things in his pockets. Those things tell the story of his day. So at the end of the day, he empties his pockets and snaps a photo. Give the man points for originality!

Father to the Fatherless - I appreciated this article by Wesley Hill. The takeaway for me was this: in an age of epidemic fatherlessness, the church has the calling and the opportunity to serve as father to the fatherless.

An E-Book Deal - Monergism Books has Expository Thoughts on the Gospels (eBook) by J. C. Ryle on sale for only $9.95. This eBook comes complete with an active linked Table of Contents. Extensive technical notes for the Gospel of John. In ePub and Kindle (.mobi) formats.

Random Act of Culture - This is awesome. “On Saturday, October 30, 2010, the Opera Company of Philadelphia brought together over 650 choristers from 28 participating organizations to perform one of the Knight Foundation’s “Random Acts of Culture” at Macy’s in Center City Philadelphia. Accompanied by the Wanamaker Organ - the world’s largest pipe organ - the OCP Chorus and throngs of singers from the community infiltrated the store as shoppers, and burst into a pop-up rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s “Messiah” at 12 noon, to the delight of surprised shoppers.”

It is easier to go six miles to hear a sermon, than to spend one quarter of an hour in meditating upon it when I come home. —Philip Henry

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