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A La Carte (May 3)

A La Carte Friday 2

Happy birthday to Aileen and Michaela who are both celebrating today—one here at home and the other down south in Louisville.

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The Kindle deals march on today with a few new ones added.

What the Pro-Palestinian Campus Protests Are Really About

“The recent pro-Palestinian student protests on elite university campuses across the country offer fascinating, if somewhat depressing, insights into the state of modern American culture. It is not so much that the lunatics have taken over the asylum as the kindergartners have taken over the nursery.” If you guessed that was Carl Trueman, you are absolutely correct.

There’s a Religious Earthquake Coming. Can You Feel It?

Stephen McAlpine looks at the sputtering New Atheism and says there’s a religious earthquake coming. “In a century or so, modern men and women (if there are even such categories allowed in a century or so), will have forgotten what it was even like to oppose religion, never mind adhere to it. True, the occasional piece of rubble might wend its way to the surface, but merely to be gawked at and put in a museum, with a warning that it might not be safe for kids.”

How to Make Better, More Careful, More Persuasive Arguments

Kevin DeYoung appeals to us all to make better, more careful, more persuasive arguments. “We can put it like this: (1) focus on the what more than the why, and (2) don’t go to the who if you really mean to focus on the what.”

Make the Internet Modest Again

I appreciate what Hannah says here about modesty. No, she isn’t talking about swimsuits and necklines and all of that. She’s talking about what we reveal about ourselves—and expect others to reveal about themselves—on the Internet. (You may need to register for a free account to read the article.)

The Good in Regret

Can there be good even in regret? Seth says there can be.

Liturgy and Ecclesiastical Triage

There are some really interesting thoughts here about liturgy and worship. I don’t agree with all of them (and don’t anticipate crossing myself anytime soon) but found a lot of value in the article. I, like the author, have a growing appreciation for liturgy (in the best sense of the term).

Flashback: What a Morning That Will Be!

No matter how wonderful the day, we know that the greatest glories of this world pale in comparison to the least glories in the next. In that vein, please read and enjoy this wonderful prayer by Robert Hawker.

There are but two lessons for the Christian to learn: the one is, to enjoy God in every thing; the other is, to enjoy every thing in God.

—Charles Simeon

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