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A La Carte (1/7)

Here is a slightly abbreviated “the last two days were a little less organized than I had thought they would be” edition of A La Carte.

God’s Technology - My friend Chris Larson did an interview with my friend David Murray on the subject of technology. Did you get all that?

The Heart of Fasting - A couple of people have asked me recently about fasting. It turns out that John MacArthur is beginning a series on that very topic.

Family-Friendly Films - “With the exception of Christopher Nolan’s psychological thriller ‘Inception,’ the top-grossing films of 2010 were all aimed squarely at families.” Let’s hope that the studios are paying attention!

Letters to a Young Calvinist - I quite enjoyed Wes Bredenhof’s review of the book Letters to a Young Calvinist. He does a good job of addressing some of the book’s weaknesses.

reFocus - Here’s a conference I’m excited to be going to next month. If you’re anywhere near Vancouver you may want to check it out.

Apple’s App Store - Here’s a list of some of the best items available in Apple’s new Mac App Store.

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