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A La Carte (2/11)

I find myself working out of 2 offices these days—1 at home and 1 at the church. This is taking some adjustment. And it’s making me realize why a lot of pastors are working toward digital libraries that can travel with them.

Our Own Propaganda - It’s bad form to post a link to Carl Trueman two days in a row, but this is just too good not to mention. “When asked by a student spouse the other week how she kept up with reading all that I read so that she could support me in my work, my wife’s response (worthy of Newman himself) was ‘Read what he’s reading???  Lovey, I don’t even bother to read what he’s writing!’   In fact, she famously claims never to have read anything I have ever written.  Why should she?”

Your Own Miracles - Danielle shares another little moment from the ER.

A Dog Named Life - Greg doesn’t update his blog as often as he once did. But this one was worth the wait.

Gentlemen in a Digital Age - Carolyn McCulley compares history to the present day. “A young man no longer needs to run the gauntlet of a local village’s stern gaze. Everyone he could possibly desire to meet is at the other end of a Facebook account or a Twitter address. In the unblinking blue gaze of his computer screen, he can be anybody he wants to be, connecting to anyone he seeks. And he never even has to dress up.”

Fetal Surgery and Abortion - Denny Burk asks the question. “How does it make any moral or legal sense, therefore, to take heroic measures to do surgery on a 19 week old fetus while at the same time allowing the abortion of a perfectly normal 19 week old fetus? The only difference between the one and the other is that one has a mother that wants him and the other doesn’t. This inconsistency doesn’t even bear the lightest scrutiny, yet it is one that is plain to anyone who has eyes to see.”

Sixty-Six Clouds - This is kind of an interesting project. They’ve made up word clouds of each of the books of the Bible and are selling them in various formats. Check out the video.

Righteous wrath is no less noble than love, since both coexist in God. —John MacArthur

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