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A La Carte (2/3)

This whole “snowpocalypse” and “snowmageddon” thing was way overblown. We got a pretty good snowstorm, but within a few hours the roads were clear and life went on. For which I’m grateful.

Minibook Blowout - New Growth Press (a.k.a. CCEF) has put all of their minibooks on sale for a week only. You can buy the 5-book sets for just $10.

Google Art Project - In case you haven’t seen it before, well, this is well worth browsing through.

Chicago Blizzard - These are amazing photographs of the blizzard that buried Chicago.

Intentional Parenting - Here is a review of the latest book from Cruciform Press: Intentional Parenting. “This book is a fantastic introduction to gospel-centered family discipleship.  I am the pastor for discipleship at our church and I plan to recommend (if only I could require!) this book to every parent in our congregation.  I will especially be looking for opportunities to use this to train new and young parents.”

Groothuis on Social Media - Douglas Groothuis has posted a recent contribution from The Christian Research Journal. He writes about the world of social media.

Earth From Above - Another great photo essay, this one showing pictures of earth from above (as you may have guessed).

The United Kingdom Explained - This short video tries to make sense of the United Kingdom. It’s more interesting than it sounds.

Of all the things in the world that stink in the nostrils of men, hypocrisy is the worst. —C.H. Spurgeon

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