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A La Carte (2/7)

How’s Your Bible Reading Going? - Just over a month into the new year it’s probably a good time to ask how your Bible reading is going.

Parenting Young Children - Steve McCoy has some helpful counsel for parenting young children. (Note: Some of it reflects a particular cultural context. If you have your kids call people “Miss Gail” or “Mr. Ryan” up here in Canada you’ll be met with blank stares.)

On Sermon Illustrations - H.B. Charles Jr.: “There are three basic elements to a sermon: explanation, application, and illustration. At any given point of the sermon, you are doing one of these three things.” He focuses is on illustration giving tips on doing it well and wisely.

Biblical Personal Finance - This article provides a broad overview of biblical personal finance. “It never ceases to amaze me that algebra is required in school but personal finance is not. We desperately need to hear what the Bible says about personal finance.”

Should I Get Re-Baptized? - Writing at Gospel Coalition, Bobby Jamieson answers this question (which is very, very common): Should I get re-baptized? I also really appreciate the answer J.D. Greear provides in Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart.

We may force our Lord to punish us, but we will never have to force Him to love us. That’s His nature. —Thomas Watson

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