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A La Carte (3/6)


Lifestyle Liberalism - “A friend of mine who is generally liberal in his politics, cultural and otherwise, wrote the other day to describe a crisis of sorts that he’s going through in his family.” It is always fascinating to see someone realize the inherent insanity of liberalism when applied to all of life.

Smithsonian’s Photo Contest - There are some spectacular entries in Smithsonian magazine’s 2012 photo contest.

A Warped Worldview - Here is yet another good reason to protect our children from pornography.

Jesus Calling - Michael Horton has a very helpful review of Sarah Young’s megaseller Jesus Calling (which, in its various editions, recently accounted for four of the top ten Christian books!). He identifies it as a book that is opposed to the Reformation principle of sola scriptura.

One Family Under God - Tom Ascol offers a balanced and helpful look at children’s church and having the whole family (or almost the whole family, since I don’t think he’s opposed to a nursery) worship together.

Made Alive - This is a ridiculously catchy new song. The lyrics are pretty good too. (You can check out the whole album on Amazon.)

The real measure of our wealth is how much we’d be worth if we lost all our money. —John Henry Jowett

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