A La Carte (4/18)

Friday April 18, 2008

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Mommy’s Got a Brand New Belly
Josh Harris writes about a strange new book hitting the shelves…

reFocus Liveblog
The reFocus blog has roundups of messages from that conference. Speakers include R. Kent Hughes, D.A. Carson, Bruce Ware and others.

When to Baptize Your Kids
The Pulpit blog shares their position on when to baptize children. “Our elders here at Grace Church believe it is better to wait, and be absolutely convinced of a child’s conversion, than to baptize the child prematurely — and thereby potentially give an unsaved child a false sense of assurance.”

Living Together Before Marriage
Ray Fowler shares “some statistics on living together before marriage from Michael McManus, the president of Marriage Savers. Statistically speaking, living together is not a trial of marriage, but rather a training for divorce.”