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A La Carte (4/6)

Why We Need Jane Austen - I love it! “I must admit that I was not trained in an English department so I am hampered to the extent that I’m rather inept at reading great works of literature for their sublimated eroticism, their homo-erotic subtexts, and covert commentaries on sexual, racial, and economic oppression. It is, then, with apologies to those who know better that I read literature as a naïve lover of a good story, good writing, and commentary on the unchanging human condition.”

Discernment Without Anger - How can you be discerning without being angry all the time? It’s a good and fair question, I think.

Radical Sacrifice - Trevin Wax writes about David Platt and James MacDonald’s recent “Elephant Room” session. “The MacDonald/Platt discussion was tense at times, perhaps because the practical ramifications of how we think about money always hit close to home.” TWax breaks it down.

How Much to Give & Save - Randy Alcorn on how much to give and how much to save. I love that guy.

Prenatal Development - A case against abortion.

That anger is without sin that is against sin. —Thomas Watson

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