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A La Carte (5/10)

What Separates Us From the Bible? - Tony Payne follows up a previous article: “I was suggesting last week that the Bible is not written from an alien, different world, but addresses the world we live in. But there is something that stands as a divide between us and the Bible; something that prevents us from grasping hold of the Scriptures and applying them rightly to our lives.”

World’s Worst Violaters - “The worst countries for religious freedom are either Muslim or atheist.  (Burma is Buddhist.) We understand about Islam, but atheists like to present themselves as tolerant.  What does it tell us that no countries of Christian heritage are on the list?”

Hymnals Have a Future - I suspect the better headline here is “Why I Really Hope Hymnals Have a Future.” But I could be wrong and maybe hymnals really do have a future.

Shaping a Child’s Soul - Timothy Paul Jones strikes a good balance in this article. “If your goal is organizational efficiency, equipping parents to disciple their children may be an inefficient use of your time, and turning over children’s spiritual lives to professionals at church might make perfect sense.”

Refusing the Search - I had wondered this in the aftermath of the Boston Marathan bombing: During the lockdown, what would have happened if someone had refused to allow his house to be searched by police? I didn’t hear of anyone claiming that right when the SWAT team banged on the door.

Texting and Driving - Be sure to talk to your teens about this! Texting and driving now kills more teens every year than drinking and driving. After all, kids don’t drink 24 x 7, but they do check their text messages all day every day.

A Jesus who never wept could never wipe away my tears. —C.H. Spurgeon

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