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A La Carte (6/10)

Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before Seminary - “When I started seminary in 2009, I didn’t know anybody who had done it before and was too thick-skulled to ask for advice. So while I think the following advice is worthwhile for anyone considering or already in seminary, I was slower to learn most of it than I care to admit.”

When Everything Fails - What do you do when everything you’ve worked toward seems to fail? Mez McConnell provides an answer from his ministry.

If the NSA Trusted Edward Snowden - Slate asks the question: “The NSA trusted its most sensitive documents to this guy? And now, after it has just proven itself so inept at handling its own information, the agency still wants us to believe that it can securely hold on to all of our data? Oy vey!”

Splendid Landscapes - There are some amazing landscape photographs on display here.

The Big Question of Grief - “Where should we put grief? To what category of struggles does it belong? To what emotional or relational struggles is grief most akin?” Brad Hambrick says that perhaps the big question of grief is a question of identity.

Beyond Recognition - Here’s a fascinating account of a face transplant, one of the frontiers of modern medicine. Do be warned that some of the photos are graphic (in a medical sense).

Frequently the murmuring against man is only a covert way of murmuring against God. —C.H. Spurgeon

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