A La Carte (October 19)

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Young Saints

This is a long, interesting, and sad article about Bethel Church. “Many of Bethel’s most outspoken critics are evangelical Christians who are deeply troubled by Bethel’s theology. They’re the kind of people who would normally mind their own business. But by now, Bethel and the School of Supernatural Ministry have grown so huge that they are inescapable. Bethel is everywhere: on the city council, behind the police department and the local charter school, waiting in the parking lot of the Walmart off of Route 44.”

There Is No Spiritualizing This One

You’ll love this story. And no, there’s no spiritualizing it.

What Is the Difference Between Protestantism & Roman Catholicism? (Video)

Sugel Michelén provides a brief but solid answer.

Top Ten Rookie Preaching Mistakes

There is wisdom here. Of course, every church needs to have tons of patience and allow rookie preachers to make some mistakes…

Two Indispensable Requirements for Pastoral Ministry

Kevin DeYoung lays ’em out. “Surely, there are many other things we can and should say about effective pastoral ministry. But in my experience, ministry won’t go well, and pastors won’t go far, without at least these two requirements…”

Suffering in Cyberspace

Douglas Groothuis: “While I have been critical of how the internet can depersonalize and cheapen human communication, I have found that it may be—at its best—a safe and edifying place for sharing suffering and hope. Here, as everywhere, we should live well before others so that God will be glorified and shalom will be spread locally and globally.”

Four Suggestions for Reading the Minor Prophets

As it happens, my reading plan is taking me through the minor prophets right now.

Flashback: The Missing Elements of Modern Worship

I’ve had the opportunity to attend many more churches and, as often as not, they have been similar, missing a lot of the elements that used to be hallmarks of Christian worship. Here are some of the missing elements of modern worship.

Love says, “I’ve seen the ugly parts of you, and I’m staying.” —Matt Chandler