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A La Carte (6/23)

Yesterday I was reading through the warranty manual for my van (not just for fun) and enjoyed reading about the hidden data recorders within the car: “Data may be stored if a crash event occurs. For example, vehicle speed, brake application, steering angle, air bag readiness, air bag performance, and seat belt use by the driver or passenger may be recorded. These types of systems are sometimes called Event Data Recorders.” It goes on to explain that these may be provided to law enforcement or insurance companies. Fun.

The New Catch - Playing video games is the twenty-first century version of playing catch. “The Nintendo generation wants to bond with their children on their old digital stomping grounds. ‘On the menu of things to do with your kid, it’s not the best choice,’ says MIT Professor and Alone Together author Sherry Turkle.”

Abandoned Six Flags - This is pretty cool. “Like little kids, we all experience a happy rush, a delighted thrill, when going to play at an amusement park. Yet when an amusement park is abandoned and an eerie silence settles over the rusty and crusty decay, the setting seems to twist the atmosphere of enthusiastic excitement into a suffocating blanket of dread.”

Remembering These Moments - The dad in me just loved this article. Is it possible that a part of the joy of heaven will be remembering and reliving treasured moments like these?

He Spanks His Kids - Denny Burk writes about spanking in the aftermath of that judge who was convicted of a felony for spanking her child.

Determined - This dog is determined to get the man to throw a stick. It isn’t going to work. Speaking of dogs, there’s got to be a sermon illustration for this one—a sheepdog who is terrified of sheep.

Muslim-Christian Dialogue - Over the past few years Thabiti Anyabwile has been able to particpate in a series of Muslim-Christian dialogues. You can learn more about them and watch video at the link. This may prove an important evangelistic site!

What have we time and strength for, but to lay out both for God? What is a candle made for, but to burn? —Richard Baxter

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