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A La Carte (April 19)

A La Carte Collection cover image

I am heading off this morning for an extended speaking trip that will take me to Chilliwack and Vancouver, British Columbia, then Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. I am looking forward to meeting some of you along the way!

Westminster Books has a deal on a new book meant to challenge and encourage perfectionists.

Today’s Kindle deals include a few noteworthy titles. Among them is the helpful And So To Bed…

The Gateway Drug to Post-Christian Paganism

Carl Trueman has a thoughtful piece here about several German theologians who ended up coming to support Hitler. Could the early steps that led to a full compromise have lessons for us?

You and I Probably Would Have Been Nazis

Meanwhile, on a somewhat related note, Samuel James says that you and I would probably have been Nazis if we had lived in Germany in the days of Hitler’s rise and rule. “All variables being equal, you and I would likely have been dutiful members of the Nazi Party, had we been ambitious young adults in 1930s Germany. The question is not ‘why,’ but, ‘Why not?’ The overwhelming majority of people who considered themselves reasonable, compassionate, and thoughtful simply accepted their regime as a fact. You and I would have as well.”

“Be Doers of My Preference”

“As a young Christian, I was always right. Its amazing how right I was about everything. I had Bible verses, and you can’t argue with the Bible. I also routinely read my Bible, and, well, let’s be honest, no one around me read their Bible. But don’t worry! Everything I did and said was verbally affirmed to be in humility. So that covered me.” I think most of us felt the same.

Am I Confident or Arrogant?

John Piper considers confidence, arrogance, and humility. Along the way, he offers eight helpful “diagnostic questions to detect the rising of pride in our lives.”

God Can Work Through Anyone and Everything—Even You and Your Sin

There is comfort in knowing and believing this—that God can (and will) work through everything, including your sin and the sin of others.

The Bible Does NOT Say God Is Trans (Video)

Of course it doesn’t! But the takeaway from this video for me is that this is the kind of person who is influencing young people today.

Flashback: Each Gift Has Its Place

And as the gardener suits the plants to his garden, God suits the gifts to his church. He dispenses gifts to each person, each to be used in love and service to others.

A great sermon dropped into an audience of hundreds or thousands will do its work; but if this world is ever to be brought to God, it will be through little sermons preached by private Christians to an audience of one.

—De Witt Talmage

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