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A La Carte (6/4)

A Christian View of Suffering - “In a recent lecture delivered at Houston’s Lanier Theological Library titled “Going Beyond Cliches: Christian Reflection on Suffering and Evil”, Don Carson proposes six pillars to support a Christian worldview for stability through suffering”

Afraid of Thunder - As a fan of the Blue Jays, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed watching the Yankees and the Red Sox react to a clap of thunder.

Commentaries as a Ministry - This is a good article from Douglas Moo as he writes about the joy and importance of writing commentaries.

Evangelicals Find Perils Abroad - The New York Times writes about Evangelicals and adoption and some of the challenges they face.

Deadly, Dull, Boring - “My early preaching disasters all followed the same deadly pattern. Parishioners would shake my hand at the door with a thin smile and a kind word, but the unvarnished truth always came out in the car trip home. I already knew what my wife, Louise, was going to say. (I saw her slump sideways during the fifth sub-point.) ‘It looked great when I read through it yesterday—but today it was just so… boring.’ And I knew she was right.”

The Jargon of Junk Food - I really enjoyed the book Salt, Sugar, Fat. Here’s a bit of what it contains.

I Hate / Love Being Busy - Here are some thoughts on being busy. Always busy.

Sexual Distinctiveness - “If you want to start an online fire today, there’s a simple recipe: suggest that men and women are distinct. Erick Erickson just did this.”

Next to Christ I have one joy: to preach Christ my Lord. —Samuel Rutherford

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