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A La Carte (6/7)

The Genius of Tyndale - From The Telegraph: “William Tyndale was burned at the stake for translating the Bible into English. He loaded our language with more phrases than any other writer before or since, says Melvyn Bragg.”

Realistic Lincoln - “Hollywood special effects artist Kazuhiro Tsuji has made ‘Portrait of Lincoln, ‘a hyper-realistic bust of the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln.” It’s an incredible work.

Idle, Lustful Babbling - Jared Wilson says that confession can at times be nothing more significant than idle, lustful babbling. “The greatest temptation in Christian communities is to avoid confession altogether, to maintain the facade, the uneasy stasis of staying right near the surface and never getting too deep, too real, too honest with each other. But on the other side, another temptation, perhaps not as great but just as real, is what often happens in place of real confession. “

Weakness Is an Advantage - J.D. Greear explains that “if dependence is the objective, weakness is an advantage.”

Linguistic Conflicts - Here is a series of maps that show America’s deepest linguistic conflicts.

A Gospel that Fits All People - “Perhaps you read the news that trendy clothier Abercrombie & Fitch wants only the thin to wear their clothes.  For a long time retailers have included only the thin, thinner and thinnest models in their advertising visuals, but now A&F has gone several steps further and decided they will not even make clothes for people who are XL or XXL.”

Material prosperity and physical health do not invariably accompany faithfulness to God. But spiritual health and prosperity do. —William Greathouse

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