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A La Carte (7/30)

After a week of ignoring and avoiding all things digital, I’m back online. I didn’t keep up with blogs or other web sites while I was away, so went through hundreds of archived posts yesterday looking to catch up a little bit. Here are some of the highlights:

Lies About Chick-Fil-A - Having been away I am just catching up on the whole Chick-Fil-A controversy. Denny Burk’s little article is helpful in pointing out two lies being repeated in the press.

5 Myths About Reformed Theology - Michael Horton: “Calvinists can be pains in the neck. I should know—I’ve been one myself on occasion. Yet, it is a terrific irony that a theology that so exalts God and lays human beings low before his majesty and grace should be championed sometimes with a spirit that contradicts it.”

RefNet Radio - Be sure to check out RefNet, Ligonier Ministries’ new 24-hour Internet radio featuring preaching and teaching.

Defining Religious Liberty Down - Ross Douthat makes some important points regarding religious liberty in the US and beyond.

Thinking Out Loud in Public - Sean Lucas describes blogging exactly as I have many times: as thinking out loud in public. He points out some of the dangers and challenges. 

Ten Years Later - Russell Moore: “Ten years ago today, my wife and I walked out of a Russian orphanage with two little one year-old boys. Suddenly, for the first time, I was a father and she was a mother. Suddenly, little Maxim was ‘Benjamin Jacob Moore’ and little Sergei was ‘Timothy Russell Moore.’ Everything changed, for all of us, for life.”

The greatest joy of a Christian is to give joy to Christ. —C.H. Spurgeon

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