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A La Carte (8/19/13)


Hear Hellen Keller Speak - “In this 1930 newsreel footage, teacher Anne Sullivan explains how Keller learned to speak. Keller got a feel for words by placing her hand on a speaker’s face: thumb over the larynx, index finger on the lips, and middle finger against the nose. Sullivan and Keller stuck together for 49 years.” Fascinating!

Satan’s Lies About Your Singleness - “I remain convinced that God’s word in the Bible is true, and I am determined to cling to it. My life, my struggles, my circumstances have changed over the years, but God has not. Neither has his word. So this is a plea to my dear Christian sisters who are single but would love to be married…”

Are We Doing the Lord’s Work? - Ray Ortlund doesn’t attach a specific name to this article and it is better if you don’t either. Do consider what he writes. “Yesterday I saw yet another website dedicated to accusing a prominent pastor.  This one did not strike me as savage, the way other such websites have.  It seemed more mature. But I wonder if this is doing the Lord’s work at all.  Even if every accusation against this pastor is true, I am unconvinced God wants us to set up websites for such a purpose.”

Talking About Your Giving - I think there is wisdom in what Randy Alcorn says in this video. He is asked whether Christians should ever tell others about their giving habits.

Bring Your Bible to Church - I tend to agree with this: pastors should still bring a printed Bible (rather than an iPad or other electronic device) with them when they preach. 

Ligon Duncan @ RTS - Here is some good news out of Jackson, MS. The RTS Board of Trustees has elected Dr. J. Ligon Duncan, III, as chancellor and CEO of Reformed Theological Seminary. 

Godless Massachusetts - It is a joy to read of those who are planting new churches in areas where there is little gospel witness.

God requires satisfaction because he is holiness, but he makes satisfaction because he is love. —Augustus Strong

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