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A La Carte (8/27)


Transgender Politics vs. the Facts of Life - Nancy Pearcey provides an interesting take on the new transgender law in California. “Every law has an implicit worldview, a set of assumptions that justifies it. The worldview implicit in the transgender movement is that our physical bodies have no particular value — that our biology is irrelevant to who we are as persons.”

On Every Page - David Murray wrote a poem about Jesus being on every page of the Old Testament. And it’s not half bad. “Hope dawns in four chapters of godly romance / God sends a redeemer, His kingdom to advance / God says of  a Gentile, “Ruth, you shall be mine!” / A Moabite? Yes, in the Messianic line / It’s Jesus on every page/”

Without a Convoy - A friend sent me this video of musk ox protecting a calf from wolves with this caption: “Satan watches for those vessels that sail without a convoy.” It serves as an apt illustration!

What the Hijabi Witnessed - I have had the pleasure on a couple of occasions of sitting next to a girl wearing a hijab.  Typically, this has occurred in departure lounges of airports or on the platforms of railway stations. Never has it happened in a place of worship at the time of a service. Never, that is, until recently.

The Elite Project - This is very, very interesting: “Same sex marriage is the issue because lots of different interests, concerns, and trends converge on it. The first thing to say is that the gay rights movement has been largely an upper middle class project. Thurgood Marshall attended Lincoln University, an all-black college in southeastern Pennsylvania, and then Howard University Law School. Gay activist Larry Kramer went to Yale. Judge Vaughn Walker went to Stanford Law School. I have little doubt that the first gay Supreme Court Justice will be a graduate of either Yale or Harvard Law Schools.”

Don’t Be Blind - Don’t be blind to God’s love.

A Christian is not a person who has made a new start in life, but a person who has received a new life to start with. —John Blanchard

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