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A La Carte (9/5)

75 Astonishing Things - Check out this list from Paul Tautges: “Recently, I spent some time thinking about all that God accomplishes in an instant, at the moment of conversion, and what He continues to work to its ultimate completion in the day we will see Him in glory (Phil 1:6). The result was a list of 75 amazing works of God…”

We Post Nothing - Amy Webb writes in Slate about what they share online about their daughter: “Nothing. It’s the only way to defend her against facial recognition, Facebook profiling, and corporate data mining.”

Farewell, NIV - Jesse Johnson says farewell to an old friend. “The NIV Bible is no more. Alas. The version that many grew up reading has finally ridden off into the sunset, never to return. Zondervan has phased it out, buried it, and replaced it with something else.”

The Perfect Nap - The perfect nap is an interesting mix of art and science. Here’s an article from the Wall Street Journal on how and when to nap. The very fact that I link to this article is undoubtedly proof that I’m getting older!

Should Wives Submit? - “Many resent the way Scripture portrays a wife as a keeper of the home who submits to her husband (Titus 2:3-5). The intended beauty of this requirement has been marred by distortions and maligned by misrepresentations. This is partly why we need a closer look at the Scriptural portrayal of a wife.”

Storming Wikipedia - Obviously there has always been a link between ideology and encyclopedias. But the open nature of Wikipedia makes this particularly prominent. Now you can earn college credit “to advance feminist principles of social justice” by “writ[ing] feminist thinking” into Wikipedia.

If we choose a false way of worship we shall, ere long, choose to worship a false God. —C.H. Spurgeon

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