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Explore June 2022

  • the Air We Breathe

    It’s the Air We Breathe

    At the end of the Second World War the Allied nations began to “denazify” Germany. After the final surrender, they began the long process of identifying Nazis and uprooting the influence of Nazism across all of society—in culture, media, economics, and politics. The goal was to create a Germany that was post-Hitler and, therefore, post-Nazi.…

  • friday

    A La Carte (June 3)

    We are going around the world in A La Carte today! What a blessing that so many writers from so many nations choose to bless us with their wisdom. There are a few new Kindle deals today. Westminster Books is offering deals on their summer reading picks. The Intermediate State of the Dead in Christ…

  • thursday

    A La Carte (June 2)

    There are some interesting deals to look at in Logos’ monthly free and nearly-free collection. Today’s Kindle deals include a number that are worth a look. (Yesterday on the blog: 4 Guidelines for Dating Without Regrets) Lessons From Mainline Decline Kevin DeYoung shares some observations from the decline of mainstream churches. Let Nature Do Its…

  • 4 Guidelines for Dating Without Regrets

    4 Guidelines for Dating Without Regrets

    Somewhere between my generation and the current one, dating became difficult—far more difficult than it had once been. I am sure the so-called “purity movement” bears at least some of the responsibility as does the modern-day hookup culture. So, too, do the ubiquity of pornography and the rise of social media and dating apps. What…

  • wednesday

    A La Carte (June 1)

    Good morning my friends. As we begin a new month, it may be good to once again remind ourselves of this: Right now, on this very day and at this very moment, God is reigning from his throne. (Yesterday on the blog: Summer Reading Suggestions for Students) Is My Marriage Over? “This is a question…